Pineapple Express

On a recent stop at Kelsey’s in Orleans I had to try a new drink called, Pineapple Express. I wasn’t planning on writing about anything, we were shopping and just wanted a quick bite. I am glad we stopped.

This lovely summer drink is very unique to this Kelsey’s location. One of their own, Ashley Piteau was the mixologist behind this fruity concoction which rolls out across Kelsey’s this summer. Ashley won Kelsey’s Regional and National drink competitions with this little gem.

Pineapple fans will love this one. A little on the sweet side it reminded me of summer parties at the cottage and around the pool with girlfriends. We are making it our signature drink at a party we are planning this summer.

Ashley tells me she started out using orange juice, but the change over to pineapple was key. For your drinking pleasure, Ashley was kind enough to share:

Pineapple Express

.75 oz banana liquor

.75 oz Raspberry Sour Puss

pineapple juice and a splash of 7Up

Happy Summer!


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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I cannot wait till it finally gets on the menu all over June 20th! Look for it everyone!!

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