Murray Street Date

On a rainy Wednesday afternoon recently, my good man and I had a lunch date at Murray Street. It was a lovely way to spend some time off together.

Adrian ordered a diet coke (as always) and I opted for the Kichesippi Natural Blonde. I was looking for something light and refreshing and while this beer has a lovely, fresh flavour the bitterness at the end was a tad too much for my palate. I will however give it another try.

My Cry “Fowl” sandwich was a duck bacon club served with carrot soup. The sandwich was a great lunch size offering. The duck bacon was crisp, dark and smoky which made for the perfect club sandwich, and who was the genius behind that sweet, luscious soup? It actually inspired me to make carrot soup this past weekend.

My lunch date opted for fish, a nice piece of white, flaky pickerel in a lovely, crisp batter served with oven roasted potatoes. He found the potatoes a nice alternative to fries and was such a gentleman when I asked if they were like my roasted potatoes….

The wait staff here is always friendly. It’s warm atmosphere makes you feel really welcome and how can you beat Murray’s $14 lunch?

Love, love, love this place!


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