The Lobster Pot, Provincetown, Mass.

If there was a place in the world I would have to choose to live given the choice, it would be Provincetown, Massachusetts for a thousand different reasons. I think the rest of the world could learn some lessons about how to live from this great town.

I had one goal in mind at lunch on my recent visit and that was eating at The Lobster Pot. Rumoured to be where Bourdain got his start, this salty joint is truly divine.

With views of the ocean, big fishing boats and docks, you can’t get more authentic. The wait staff is courteous, efficient no bs kind of crew there to do their job. They know the menu inside and out and easily offer recommendations when asked.

You walk through the kitchen on the way to the seating area, so there are no secrets here (well, if you read Kitchen Confidential there may be a few), the open concept allows you to see the staff slugging away.

I ordered their award-winning clam chowder to start, just a cuppa. A rich, creamy broth full of clams and potatoes, it really was heavenly.

They bring fresh bread to the table which includes pumpkin bread. I wasn’t sure about a sweet bread with my starter and main, but it was quite lovely, full of warm spices. When I inquired its origin the waitress suggested it had Portuguese roots.

Adrian ordered the fish and chips (Cod) and I chose the lobster roll, big pieces of lobster meat in a light mayo served with a creamy potato salad just like mom makes. Grins from ear to ear.

It’s not fine dining, and in need of a makeover, yet it’s warm, decadent and one of the most comfortable places on earth.

I don’t know what else to say, but big sighs because it’s over for now. You plan for months to do a trip and wait with anticipation, and it goes by so quick. My good man however is already planning our next visit.

Hugs PTown.

The Lobster Pot
321 Commercial Street,
Provincetown, MA 02657
Telephone: (508) 487-0842
Fax: (508)487-4863


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  1. Oh my, you made a pilgrimage to a restaurant that may have started Bourdain on his journey to be the influence on popular culture he has become.

    Thanks…it’s 10 in the morning and I’m now craving rich chowder and a lobster roll! 🙂

    PS: (and off topic) Good to see you this week!

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