You can find Monique de Moree, Pastry Artist at the Ottawa Farmer’s Market, Lansdowne Park on Sundays. Her business is called Pretty-Fours (tasty treats in small packages).

I love, love, love her Parisian Macarons, specifically the salted caramel and the lavender. These light, chewy little bits of perfection are perfect for parties, showers, teas or just an indulgent afternoon pick-me-up. They are also extremely pretty.

Monique also makes Petits-Fours, Designer Cheesecakes, Tarts, French Marshmallows and Specialty Cakes. She can be reached at 613-253-6262. Better yet, hit up the market on Sunday and see for yourself!


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  1. They may be pretty but they do not come close to what a macaron should be. The shell is an almond egg-white mixture that should be light and airy while the inside should be a ganache filling. I had the rhubarb one and one was enough for me. Sorry Monique needs to go back into the kitchen and work on these some more.

  2. They are beautiful and the ones I tried were delicious! They made me land here in my search to find out which markets (other than Kanata) I might find them.
    They were light and airy with a beautiful filling. I particularly loved the Earl Grey, Vanilla and Salted Caramel flavours. Glad to see she is also at the Ottawa Farmer’s Market, closer to my place!
    Perhaps they aren’t perfectly authentic (I’m not a Parisian Macaron expert) but they are a fabulous treat and just beautiful.
    Also loved her madeleines. Yum.

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