Petit Bill’s Bistro

So I was late to the game when it comes to Petit Bill’s Bistro. I just started going there this past year. I am addicted.

Saturday I took 2 of my favourite people there for lunch and finally tried the lobster poutine, which we split as a starter. I was at a loss for words. Since I have had a couple of days to think about it I still find myself trying to describe it. I wish the person who told me about it had kept it to herself…you know who you are…..Brenda. This stuff is creamy, delicious perfection on a plate. The generous helping of lobster has you drooling before it even hits the table. Shellfish & mascarpone butter sauce, seriously who thinks this stuff up? This is foodie drugs. Were there frites in that bowl?

I had to try the seafood chowder. An East Coast style creamy bowl of love with lots of shellfish, scallops, fish and mussels, this dish was fresh and filling. What a mighty meal within itself and such lovely presentation….

My guests ordered the gravlox salad and the sandwich special. The salad consisted of grappa cured arctic char, herb roasted potatoes, marinated red onion and greens with a horseradish cream dressing. It was light and refreshing and the horseradish cream added a nice punch to the coolness of the dish. The sandwich was a smoked pheasant and bacon wrap with a creamy turkey veg soup. While the soup was a bit lighter than desired, a generous portion of pheasant made this meal. This smoky treat matched perfectly with an afternoon brew.

This place is East Coast magic. I am craving it as I write this. The good food, beautiful presentation, hospitality and outstanding table service is such a pleasure.

Lunch for 3, beers and tip $85.00.


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  1. Great post! Sorry about letting you in on the lobster poutine 🙂 I think it’s time I headed there again! When I went there I also had a great smoked elk bolongese.

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