An Evening at Le Café

We treated ourselves to dinner at the NAC`s Le Café recently for our anniversary and what a treat it was. We were lucky enough to be able to choose from the prix-fixe menu offered Monday through Saturday at 8pm. This was fabulous food at a sinfully, exceptional price (two can dine for $39…yes, you heard that right).

We both started with Goodnight Irene a hurricane maki roll, spot prawn and oyster mushroom with house pickled daikon and sticky soy BBQ paint (yum). These were lovely, fresh little rolls, even the non-sushi man ate them.

In keeping with a fish theme, for my main I chose Swim with the Fishes which is an EV olive oil seared striped bass filet over sun-dried tomato chèvre orzo with fennel basil relish.

This dish was brilliant. The star of the plate was cooked to perfection, tender and flaky. The added attractions were stars on their own, a deliciously creamy orzo left me wanting more and my fave, baby bok choy was heavenly. All of this served in generously perfect portions.

My good man chose Roast the Beast a triple AAA roasted beef rib eye with veal marrow jus served with Yukon potato hay and a side of truffled parmesan aioli. He is learning that beef shouldn’t be cooked well and is enjoying it. The veal marrow jus was a big hit.

For dessert Adrian ordered the CMP. C.hocolate M.arshmallow P.eanut Valrhona chocolate ice cream, hard crack sugar top, marshmallow topping, organic honey baked peanuts. This was a sweet lovers dream. It was a bit of work to get him to share.

I chose the Jerry Garcia cheese cake with graham and pistachio crumble and a neat little serving of the best blueberry sorbet I have ever had. Again, perfect serving sizes which I especially like for dessert.

This fine dining room leaves the sterility of formal behind. It is warm and welcoming, with beautiful lighting and views. The hosts and wait staff were so accommodating. Excellent service all around.

I think the creativity and thoughtfulness that went into developing this menu was genius (love the names and descriptions). Each and every item intrigued me and I will now take the opportunity to try more and take family and friends with me. Well done Chef Blackie!


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    • It’s like this, I am not a food reviewer, but a food lover. If I have a bad experience I do not blog about it, it’s a choice I made a long time ago and it works for me.

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