Restaurant18: An Almost Wordless Weekend Post

When my friend Jillian asked me to go to Restaurant18 to experience visitng Chef Gustav Tragardh’s culinary mastery, I happily went along. I did not have the intention of blogging about it. I wanted to be fully in it to sit back and enjoy the experience without finding words for it. Impossible. I sat at a table of foodies, people who live food experiences daily and really know their stuff. We covered a lot in a few hours. I loved this experience with them.

Hosted in partnership with the Swedish Embassy, Tragardh, Sweden’s 2010 Chef of The Year surprised and delighted his guests with a heavenly five course dinner.

Thanks Nicole for reminding me this week what a lovely evening we had.

Below, venison tartar, whitefish roe and lobster mayo with pickled cucumber, smoked quail egg, watercress and rye bread crisp.

Below, halibut oyster and horseradish with light root vegetables, anchovy and oyster-browned butter broth.

Below, suckling pig served with crispy assorted mushrooms, cauliflower and marrow jus.

Below, goat cheese brioche with cloudberry peserve.

On Restaurant18, if I could sit in the beauty of this space on a daily basis I would. Exquisite.


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