Bliss in the County Post #1 Sandbanks Winery

I am not quite over my blissful, indulgent, perfect weekend in Prince Edward County. I am still feeling the love, and everything else around me is slowly coming into focus.

This is what the County does to you, I know because John Squair from Sandbanks Winery told me so, and its true. This great guy was the reason a bunch of food and wine bloggers were there, he planned the whole lovely experience, #IndulgePEC.

It was also an opportunity for a much needed girls weekend for my beautiful daughter and I. Our first stop was the winery. We missed the awesome Barley Days Brewery which I plan on visiting this Spring.

I love Sandbanks Baco (both the Baco Noir and the Baco Noir Reserve) and the crew there served up several tapas for us to pair with their other outstanding wines. These dishes were created and prepped by staff using a lot of local ingredients and products, including, Seed to Sausage and Vickis Veggies. Thanks also to winemaker Catherine Langlois for her story and explanation of each wine, which only adds to the appreciation and enjoyment of each delicious sip.

Not one face was licked, nor cat harmed during this picture taking process

Hello Precious

Winemaker Catherine Langlois

Thank you to the great staff at Sandbanks Winery!

I can’t wait to get back.

Sandbanks Winery
17598 Loyalist Parkway
Wellington, Ontario
K0K 3L0


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