Cookbook Give-Away in Celebration of Celebrity Chefs of Canada

Celebrity Chefs of Canada on March 25th at the NAC promises to be a foodie’s dream. I have been lucky enough to be paired with Chef Cesare Santaguida and Chef Vikram Vij.

In celebration of this great event, lets have some fun. I will give away a copy of Vikram Vij and Meeru Dhalwala’s lovely cookbook Vij’s At Home: Relax, Honey, if you comment on this post. Your comment must tell us what your favourite Indian dish is and where it is made (your kitchen, or your favourite restaurant).

If you are headed to this great event, I will be sure you get your copy beforehand so you can have Chef Vij sign it himself. Now how does that sound?

In fact I may enlist Chef’s help in choosing the winner…….

The lucky recipient of the cookbook will be notified the week of March 12th.


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  1. So exciting! I love Chef Vij. One of my favourite Indian dishes is from his other cookbook (Vij’s Elegant and Inspired Indian Cuisine) – I make it at home. It’s the prawns in coconut and saffron curry. Delish!!

  2. My favourite Indian dish right now is, the Varutharacha Shrimp a ‘The Buzz’ on Bank St. Chef Jishnu knows how to mix his curries. I have had it the last two visits – it’s addictive.

  3. The first time i ever ate at a sit-down restaurant by myself was at East India Company on Somerset. There isn’t one dish I can pick out because I ended up with about 10 things on my plate whenever i sat down, but I can definitely tell you that nothing beats their Naan bread. Made in an authentic tandoor oven right in front of you it can’t be beat. I am a huge fan of using bread as a utensil and their naan is the perfect combination of moist and crispy that it was the perfect vehicle to shovel food into my mouth with. i come from a culture where bread is king so good naan is a huge deal. I discovered a great restaurant and lost the shame in eating by myself.

  4. Chicken Pasanda at the New Nupur! It’s a medley of more delicious things than I can wrap my head around! Add some rice, naan, and a sweet lassi and you have a meal fit for a king (or queen).
    I actually love everything at the New Nupur, including the impeccable service, and am always a little sad that it never seems to be very busy when I am there. Ottawa is missing out!

  5. I hate cottage cheese but ..I love paneer. My Indian indulgence is Paneer Korma – I’ve only ever had it at Haveli in Bells Corners.

  6. I love the thali (is that cheating?!) at Coconut Lagoon, because it allows you to try a bunch of different dishes, all served in small bowls on a tray with rice. This restaurant serves up South Indian cuisine in the East-end of Ottawa, and they do it wonderfully! I would love to become more comfortable cooking Indian food at home!

  7. Definitely the seafood curry soup at Café Shafali! I met up with an out-of-town friend there last year and we went crazy ordering different dishes to share. We ordered so many dishes the server had to push a second table against ours! Needless to say I was eating leftovers for lunch for the next three days-;) The soup was the most memorable – it definitely had coconut milk and curry paste in it as well as lots of seafood. It had a nice blend of flavours and the seafood was perfectly cooked. I still dream about that soup to this day.

  8. My favorite Indian dish is Aloo Gobi made in my very own kitchen! Although I put my own spin on it with sweet potatoes and peas. 🙂

  9. My favourite Indian dish is Butter Chicken that I make myself. It is not authentic by any means, but the flavours are good. I use Monsoon Coast spices from Salt Spring Island and that makes all the difference.

  10. Hey there!

    What an amazing opportunity for you – how exciting!!

    So… To answer your question my absolute FAVOURITE dish is easily Vij’s own Sauteed Arugula and Spinach with Paneer and Cashews.

    This dish is amazing for three reasons (well more probably but here are mine):

    1. The spice preparation always feels like Beat The Clock and I’m always proud when I pull it off, plus it require individual tiny glass bowls which makes me feel like I’m on a cooking show.

    2. It. Taught. Me. How. To. Cook. Cheese!!!! It doesn’t get more rockstar than that.

    3. It tastes absolutely mind-blowingly amazing. Truly, it makes my hubby and I VERY happy and is there even anything better than sharing food and wine with people you love? I think not.

    So thank you to you and your wife, Chef Vij, for this recipe. And thank you Tracey for reminding me what’s for dinner tonight!! All the best!!

  11. Great idea!

    My favorite dish is Chicken Vindaloo or Butter Chicken…or any type of curry. My husband is a great cook, and makes these dishes at least once a week at home. I just love Indian food!

  12. My favourite dish is naan. It’s so simple and pairs perfectly with any dip and dish. I love to sprinkle cumin, lemon rind, salt, garlic and corriander then dip into homemade hummus. This is of course made in my terribly small kitchen. Can you give away a kitchen next?

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