Cake: Bliss in the County Post #2

There are treasures in the most unexpected places. In Wellington, Ontario there is East and Main Bistro.

I can go into detail about every scrumptious mouthful at this little piece of heaven, I can go on about how wonderful it is that their Executive Chef is a woman (which you know I always love), but I need to tell you about the best cake I have ever had.

Hello Lovely.

This darling is called Champagne Raspberry Cake. A delightful little gem encased in a champagne icing. It reminded me of petit fours, in size large.

I heart Petit Fours

This moist, melt-in-your-mouth cake was absolutely wonderful. However, the champagne flavoured icing was the real winner here (what can I say you know I’m an icing girl). I am so biased about my own buttercream, but this sweet coating is KING, far superior to any I have ever had. I could really taste the champagne which was terrific because I wasn’t expecting it. I had to share two bites and I could hardly bring myself to do it.

I am trying to convince the good man that this cake is worth a day trip. For reals.


Oh and East and Main, never, ever, take this cake off your menu. Thank you.


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