Nourish: Sandy Hill Lounge and Grill

It’s been a rough week, for a number of reasons. So my good man and I headed over to Sandy Hill Lounge and Grill Wednesday for lunch, because to us its like going home.

We were looking for soup. I wanted to blog about the benefits of it and how good it makes you feel, how it nourishes not only the body, but the soul. It was exactly what we were looking for. Chef and owner Chris Marquis adds a creative twist to everything he makes and once again he came through.

The butternut squash, jalapeno and maple was perfection. The smooth sweetness was countered by an oh so slight bite just lying there, quietly under the delicious creaminess. This soup is an award winner, and rightly so. I am thinking about another bowl today.

The other soup on his menu is Potato and Cajun Greens, or as I like to refer to it, “a whole bowl of whoop-ass”. This soup has personality! Big chunks of potatoes, and flavour-satisfying greens in a spicy broth topped with deep-fried swiss chard and a side of homemade chips. Spicy, but not killer. I love that about spicy food, when you can still actually taste it and not just the heat.

Presentation with Chris is always outstanding, he even makes his delicious big burgers and salads pretty. I am talking neighbourhood pub here (yeah, its the one packed most nights because of their well-known specials). It’s a blessing to this neighborhood.

Also, if I haven’t told you before the science of egg-making is perfected here during weekend brunch with Chef Wendy’s poached. This weekend I hear there is Pumpkin Pie and Buttermilk Bread pudding with Jack Daniels maple syrup.

If your looking for us Sunday morning…….

Sandy Hill Lounge and Grill
321 Somerset St. East.


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  1. You guys really need to check out this great restaurant called Ever After this restaurant / Cafe is really good and has a variety of different beverages, the food is really delicious. The staff is very friendly. Located in the downtown area 319 Rideau street.

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