The Mercantile – Roncesvalles Village

The Mercantile. The last time I heard that word used was while watching episodes of Little House on the Prairie. I walked into this specialty food and treat shop at 297 Roncesvalles Ave. after hearing rave reviews from some local community members. Of course I wasn’t disappointed!

It definitely had a Mercantile feel to it, warm and welcoming. Owner Shannon Doyle spent a generous amount of time talking to me about some of the product she sells. It was hard not to get excited about it, her high energy and her committment to her business was infectious. She pulled out samples, suggested product and talked about her favourites, in particular Meredith’s Ginger Syrup, a taste test revealing a delicious elixir you can use in a thousand ways, but I think a shot in the morning would be an amazing start to the day.

This is the kind of place I could spend hours in, going over the details of every single product, buying things to stock my pantry, decorate my kitchen and surprises for friends and family.

I wanted to stay longer, or visit again during my recent stay. I ran out of time, and I really am sorry for that. I look forward to going back! Thanks Shannon for your enthusiasm and hospitality. See you soon!


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