The Everyday Cafe

Rolling through the beauty of the New England states is a real treat, especially this time of year. I always find when in need of a break, sometimes turning off takes you down a twisting, winding road to small town USA.

This is exactly what happened when we took a break in Contoocook, New Hampshire. What I wasn’t prepared for was The Everyday Cafe, which was anything but everyday. Open every morning at 6:03am (yes, 6:03) until 4pm this precious little gem is a delicious small town win. I would like to say, “look what I discovered” for this one, but it was hopping when we entered and obviously has a tremendous amount of local love. On local, this place supports and uses a lot of local product, from locally roasted beans to the art on the walls.

We were hungry and ordered sammies, salads and a good cuppa’. I ordered the BBQ Ranch which was a pressed flour tortilla filled with chicken breast, smoked bacon, veggies and a delish ranch/bbq sauce dressing. Mums ordered the Butchie Brie, which was a lovely turkey sandwich with granny smith apples, creamy, warm brie with mayo served on a pressed croissant and Pops ordered the Tooky Bruin, a bagel with smoked salmon, cucumber, tomato and cream cheese. The sandwiches were served with a side of pasta salad (you had your choice of sides).

I also brought muffins home to my good man. He is happy that at least half of a pumpkin muffin made it to him safely.

Owners Christian Nardi and Lisa Porterfield left lives and jobs in another state to move back to Christian’s hometown and start the cafe. It really is a dream of many folks to be able to do this. It’s a risky venture and a lot of hard work, but I kind of envy them. There is something so good and soulful about small town life.

There is so much more about this place, the vibe, the friendliness, the excellent customer service. There is also a bit of sadness knowing I may not be there again for another year. Sigh.


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