Re-Evaluating TLK

So I’m standing in the pouring rain, in the park around the corner from our house with a wet dog, thinking about all the work on my plate and how I’ve neglected this blog. I get a text from my good man saying how he missed lunch because of errands (my errands), I decide to go home and make him a batch of my pasta sauce for dinner.

I realize in the kitchen, crushing tomatoes and pressing garlic that this is where I am truly happy, creating great meals for the people I love. I love sharing the recipes with you. I also realize (well, know) food has always been an issue for me, and not neccessarily in good ways.

For a while I have been meaning to write about healthier choices, because thats what I should be writing about. Foods that are good for me (and you), using good ingredients, in reasonable quantities to be eaten mindfully.

So thats what you can expect from me going forward. In fact this weekend I will be starting with some Hero Food by Seamus Mullen.

Enjoy your weekend!


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