Taking Tea

I come from a long line of tea drinkers. I used to sit in my Grandparents apartment and sip milky, sweet orange pekoe cup after cup. There was a quiet joy about those tea times with Nan and Gramp, my ten year-old self knew then they were special. My Mother swears that a cup of tea heals anything and can always make you feel better. My daughter is a loyal David’s customer.

I can’t survive my morning without coffee, tea just doesn’t cut it for me. I take my tea in late afternoon and before bed. In the afternoon I prefer a steamy cup of Earl Grey, often with some honey or if I am out I will often grab a London Fog. In the evening it’s Chamomile and depending on my mood it can be clear or again, with a little honey. Every mouthful holds a memory for me.

I also like to drink from a proper tea cup, and in the afternoon from this little gem below which I received as a gift when I was 13 from a Brownie group I volunteered with. It makes me smile.


How do you take your tea?


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  1. I’m strange because I don’t drink coffee or tea. I wish I did, though, because people seem to really enjoy it. I’ve tried getting into tea a few times, but it just didn’t catch on. I get my caffeine from Coke Zero. 🙂

    Although I just read American Dervish and the family of Pakistani origin in that book made their tea with milk, sugar, and spices. I wouldn’t mind trying that!

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