Getting it Right: The Empire Cookie

I heart empire cookies. The proper ones, iced with jam filling. Did you hear that everybody out there? ICED. Also, the cookie itself needs to be like a yummy melt-in-your-mouth shortbread.

I have had them un-iced, filled with marmalade, a dark spicy cookie, covered with sugar. These are not a true empire, they are your version of an empire.

I have always been a fan of the Sticklings Bakery empire cookie. The texture, the sweet white icing and nice jam filling have always been a real treat.

This Christmas things changed. My friend Jillian brought me a tin full of her homemade empires. I have never quite had anything like them. They are sweet little gems, with the smoothest, softest cookie. Her icing is light and creamy (it’s not thick or hard like some). They are a good size (not huge, but average cookie size) They are in fact what I think is the perfect cookie.

Recently she came over with a tray, so we made some tea and took some pictures. She made them tea-cup shaped. This reminds me of how extremely thoughtful she is.

Thanks Jillian for helping me set folks straight on what an empire cookie is.

empires 2

Oh and I will not ask her for the recipe. Ever.


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