This is What I Know

I know its time. As hard as it is to admit it, instead of slowing down my life is gearing up and headed in a new direction, and I have to say goodbye to my lovely lemon kitchen.

I’m sad for a thousand reasons, but despite all my promises, I have been neglectful and know there is no time to play catch-up.

I have had more great opportunities then I can count because I started a blog almost five years ago. I have met good, good people some of whom are my closest friends today. I have met some great Chefs and been involved in great events. Things I would not have necessarily been part of.

I realized this quite clearly over the past several weeks, at the opening of a new restaurant (NEXT) by my favourite Chef and friend, Michael Blackie, at a lovely union of two people I heart (you know who you are) and helping to celebrate a new winery being opened by people I respect and care about, Three Dog Wine. All because I met them through the lemon kitchen.

I also love this adopted city of mine, Ottawa. I know that it is far from the “boring” place it has been labelled. There is so much going on and so much to do. Full of amazing culinary talent and events our weekends (and most times weeknights) are full. Great Farmer’s Markets and local businesses supplying the best possible product.

They also give, and give endlessly. I know this because I work in the charitable sector and I endlessly ask. They work together and support each other like no other place I have seen.

I feel lucky that I have ended up where I am. Thanks for listening and for all of your great feedback. Keep on trying new things, going to new restaurants, supporting our Farmer’s and making your own kitchen as lemony and delicious as you can. I’ll see you around.



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  1. It is always sad, seeing blogs shuttered, especially ones belonging to friends.

    I would prefer they go silent and fall gracefully into obscurity over heartfelt prose, recounting lessons learned and explaning why it is time to stop.

    Blogging in the form I cling to is dead, most people too busy to spend time lingering over words or images anymore.
    These days, posting regularly has been supplanted by posting when you’ve something to say. It is why our little blog is somewhat inconsistent of late. So goes the cycle. Life gets in the way until that inner voice, screams to be heard, spilling words and imagery into a new post.

    Well, I will miss reading your prose and seeing the world from your point of view.

    Less posts just means more coffee in the early mornings, watching the Byward Market Farmers’ Market open.

    Cheers to the body of work that is The Lemon Kitchen.

    Though, I am biased. As you well know, I love anything lemon.

  2. I have enjoyed reading your posts and will miss them but I know all the great work you are doing in Ottawa. Keep up the great work and hope to see you soon!

  3. I too will miss you here! And I’m hoping we still run into each other from time to time, out and about in this lovely city of ours. At the crux of every life well lived is the ability to adapt, change, grow. I congratulate you!!! And wish you good luck with your new endeavors.

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