TLK Here We Go Again

Over the last year some major, busy things have happened in my life. Planning events across the region, ongoing work in fund development, also some necessary lifestyle changes.

One thing kept coming across, how much I missed writing about food and being involved in the local food community. Many of you emailed and commented when I stopped writing and announced I was setting TLK aside, I appreciated and was grateful for all of your input.

There is so much going on in Ottawa it’s an amazing culinary destination, with so much to offer. It’s exciting and I want to continue being part of it.

So things have quieted a bit for me, a nice easier flow is happening and its time. Its time to spend more time doing things I love. And someone special reminded me The Lemon Kitchen is one of them. So I surrender, lets do this!

What will be different? I’m going to continue to talk about adventures in my own kitchen, food events within the community and following my favourite Chefs, but I want to experiment. I am going to learn more about cooking beautiful proteins, which really go hand in hand with my Paleo lifestyle. I will be working with local producers, and food artisans discussing their products and the industry. As well, I will be adding guest posts.

So I’m hoping you are willing to join me on this new journey. If you have an idea, share it. Want to do a guest post? Ask me. Looking forward to a great 2015.

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