In Search of the Perfect Brew

So I’ve taken to beer drinking. I have always loved beer, but tend to safely sway toward wine, because I know about wine (or so I like to think).

I also cringe at the carbs and calories that come with beer, so like my friend Katy Watts from Sheltered Girl Meets World I pay beer tax in order to enjoy it. Beer tax is simply time at the gym in order to drink the beer I want. I also love low carb beers like Sleemans Clear which was introduced to me by a good friend this past year. Clear is a light and refreshing, easy to drink (this is a must for me), citrus on the mouth brew.

But when I’m on the patio I prefer pale, wheat beers, Belgian style in particular. I have always loved Hoegaarden, but most recently discovered Shock Top, a pale again, citrus brew that is going to be perfect for the summer.


Now the beer purist may think, “she has no idea what she is talking about” and hey, they may be right, but this is a new journey for me and as friend in the industry always says, “drink what you like”. So, I drink what I like.

I suggest trying this lovely brew, or better yet come for a visit and we’ll sit on my patio and drink it, cause I’ve always got some. And I’m open to suggestions, throw me a few ideas on what I should try this summer.

***Shock Top fact sheet here.



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