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Canadian Celebrity Chefs Event

I was really happy to be involved with this event. The first year did not go without glitches that’s for sure, but I was inspired by the energy and excitement of Ottawa foodies. Kudos to Michael Blackie for all the hard work that goes into an event of this size. As someone who has planned major events, I understand the work involved.

As always I was there for the food. This is my experience I want to share with you. So here goes:

The Chef team I was matched with, Lyness and Bear did an amazing job on their dish and call me biased if you want, it was my fave.

Chef Clifford Lyness

Before The Kill

Chef Ray Bear

The Dish

Poached Atlantic lobster, Bridge sparkling wine beurre blanc,  Le Coprin mushrooms, sweetbreads with candied fennel, corn flan, water cress sprouts and black olive purée.

The lobster brought by Chef Bear was heavenly, melt-in-your-mouth. It was my first time having sweetbreads, I am still trying to decide if I liked them…I ate them. I loved Chef Lyness’s creamy, little corn flan.

A very close second I would have to say was the dish created by the Langley/Long team. Shiitake poached pickerel, beurre noissette,dressed grains + greens and the magic on the plate, a crispy crème fraiche oyster. Charlotte Langley was the youngest and the only woman there and she rocked!

Charlotte Langley and Brad Long

Some other pictures of the event:

Michael Moffat and Anthony Walsh

Chefs Cloutier and Lepine

Santaguida's Qualicum Beach Scallops searing on a brick of salt

Chef David Rocco

Chefs Aiken and Howell

Beet risotto, crispy pig cheek, seared Qualicum beach scallop and Granny Smith slaw

Chefs Bowen and Rogalski

Chefs Santaguida and Rocco

Chefs Blackie and Lyon

My Guest!

Busy Reception

Do I look forward to a yearly event? Absolutely.

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