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My Favourite Things

I was thinking today about my favourite food items that, if I could never have again would be really unfortunate. Here are my top 5-

1. Moss Jams – Moss Jams out of Stratford Ontario. I was first introduced to these jams by Lisa Dixon at Black Honey in Peterborough. My favourite is the Rhubarb/Ginger.

2. Cocoa Camino Chocolate by La Siembra Co-Operative – the chocolate I love-my favourite Dark, Chili Spice, a mix of dark chocolate, chilis, cinnamon and ginger reminds me of Mexico. **I was lucky enough to be part of the group that tested their new flavours

3. Harmony Organic Milk 2% in the old fashioned glass bottle

4. Artichokes (nuff said)

5. Cumin (what in the world would I ever do?)

Now I know I could live without these things, but the world is just a much better place with them in it.

If you care to share your top five food items in the comment section and you are one of the first ten to respond-I will send you a Cocoa Camino Milk Chocolate Bar

Day 5 Recipe:Dark and White Chocolate Chunk Cookies

A few days late posting, my apologies, but these holidays and all this good wine and reading….

I decided to make Bon Appetit’s “Dark and White Chocolate Chunk Cookies” http://www.bonappetit.com/dishes/cookies/index/index_20080420

I wanted my kitchen to have that chocolate baking smell and these babies did the trick. I would like to say it brought back great childhood memories, but mom didn’t make cookies, she was a great cook, she just didn’t bake. I had one (I am not lying) and immediately stuck them in the freezer for the Great American Camping Adventure next week. Now if I can just forget they are there until next Friday…………

These cookies are for real chocolate lovers, I used Cocoa Camino chips, and Lindt white chocolate-it is so worth using the good stuff, and frankly these things don’t cost that much more.

I’ll let you know what the true chocolate connoisseurs (my nieces) think when I get back.

see ya’