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Cooking for Winter and for Us

After spending several evenings out these past few weeks, and not necessarily thrilled with the places I have been, I have decided a weekend of trying new recipes, cooking in large batches and freezing is in order. What better on a rainy, dark-sky Sunday to do than prepare comfort food for the coming weeks?

Potato leek soup, spaghetti sauce, a hearty beef barley and a savoury bread pudding from the Rebar Cookbook (one of my favourites), make for a very fragrant kitchen and give me a great sense of accomplishment in one afternoon.

A great Friday night dinner with family reminded me how important it is to cook together and sit at our own tables. I feel like the indulgence of eating out often, is no longer a treat but an expectation. You know when you can’t decide where to go for dinner because nothing appeals to you, that you have been out too much.

Enough said, back to the kitchen.