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Easy Pulled-Pork

It’s been a hectic time around here, and the blog has been neglected. I apologize. Things seem to be settling down a bit and we are getting into a nice flow.

This weekend we really wanted to take it easy. Nowhere to go and no company meant we were pretty much free. I was missing my foodie friends, so I decided to see how the Ottawa Foodie Challenge was shaping up. We met the foodiePrints crew down at Isobel’s Cupcakes new location in Hintonburg and were able to enjoy a good coffee and great conversation.

Taking time to do a few things we wanted meant a good supper with little work. Before we left I started my pulled-pork in the slow cooker. I have been asked for the recipe several times because it’s so easy and good.

Here it is:

1 really good pork roast 2-3 pounds (not tenderloin)

1 bottle of Root Beer ( the single serving size, I prefer A & W)

Roast, root beer and some salt and pepper in the crock-pot on high for 5-6 hours. At the end of 5 hours drain the root beer off, shred the roast, pour a good bottle of barbecue sauce over the shredded pork (some folks like a little less, use your own judgement) and cook on high for another 30-45 minutes.

Serve on crusty rolls with your favourite coleslaw.

There it is folks an easy recipe that will let you enjoy your day. My good man makes his oven baked fries to serve with this.

Favourite #3 Isobel’s Coconut Marshmallows

For months now I have been meaning to visit Isobel’s Cupcakes and Cookies at 117 Beechwood Ave. The pink and white awning has intrigued me for awhile and I have received many emails about trying Isobel’s cupcakes.

So Friday after work I finally went in, with every intention of buying a few cupcakes to try and then write about. Much to my dismay they were sold out, sold out at 4ish on a Friday afternoon! My disappointment lasted about 2 minutes as I realized there were so many other things there and owner Heather Holbrook assured me I could come back for more.

Heather formerly of “The French Baker” has hit a home run with her cupcake and cookie business. She was pleasant and accommodating (great patience with me in my hurry). I got a chance to speak with her about buttercream and she was gracious enough to let me try a few of her flavours (vanilla. lemon and orange) which were light, lovely and a refreshing change from the heavy buttercream that comes from my kitchen. It was a pleasure speaking with her.

A glass container full of coconut marshmallows caught my eye (among all the cookies), I had read about them on her website so I purchased one, a generous portion for 75 cents (and as you know, I always have to share with you know who).

Soft, luscious, melt-in-your-mouth piece of heaven, as a kid this is what I dreamed that clouds tasted like not the marshmallows you get in the plastic bags to take camping, in fact I won’t ever be doing that again. The toasted coconut added both nice flavour and interesting texture, I can’t even begin to imagine what this would taste like on hot chocolate.

I bought other things, but I’m going back to take cupcakes as a gift to someone this weekend (I will be sure to phone ahead!). I will probably take every visitor and friend I have there (New Edinburgh is really a must visit when one is in Ottawa)!

Check out the website http://www.isobelandco.com there is a link to the store there as well, and lots of info on ordering etc.

Isobel’s Cupcakes and Cookies, 117 Beechwood Ave., 613-742-0777