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Summer Sundays

I really enjoy summer Sundays, especially the evenings when we can share a family meal together. I used to live in dread of Monday mornings but decided once the warm weather hit that it was so much better to enjoy every bit of the weekend.

One of the reasons I love Sunday’s is the Ottawa Farmer’s Market at Lansdowne Park. I love buying local and Sunday’s evening meal is always full of local fare and this Sunday was no exception.

It was our daughter’s birthday, so we picked her up and headed to the market in search of strawberries, spinach, grape tomatoes and swiss chard.

They were all there, in abundance. There is nothing like the taste of sweet local strawberries. Not the woody, oversized ones that travel thousands of miles to get to us, but the sweet delicious Ontario grown ones we remember from our Mother’s kitchens. I can even deal with the price tag when we can get them like this.

There was so much colour and fresh produce, it’s hard not to buy way more than I went there for. I love supporting local farmers, and getting to meet them when I am there.

A salad and simple pasta with organic olive oil, spinach, grape tomatoes and of course my cupcakes made the perfect birthday celebration and summer meal, ending yet another lovely summer weekend.

I can’t wait until next weekend.