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The Veggie Grill

I just spent a wonderful week in Cooperstown, New York watching my 13 year-old nephew play baseball. I spent time with my own family, my brother and older nephew, my nieces, sister and brother-in-law and my parents.

Something we all do very well together is eat. I had great plans to create all these fabulous meals during this trip. While we did eat some good food together (and not in the local restaurants), we were on the move a lot watching two games a day, so my creative was kept at a minimum.

One thing I did cook for everyone is a veggie grill to go with some chicken breasts I marinated. A combination of chunks of peppers, thinly sliced potatoes, purple onion, feta or goat cheese, olive oil and fresh herbs wrapped in foil ( don’t forget to puncture the foil wrap with a fork) and cooked on the barbecue is always a huge hit. I wing it every time and just guess the amounts based on how many guests I have.

Try it, they’ll love it.