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Canadian Celebrity Chefs Event

I was really happy to be involved with this event. The first year did not go without glitches that’s for sure, but I was inspired by the energy and excitement of Ottawa foodies. Kudos to Michael Blackie for all the hard work that goes into an event of this size. As someone who has planned major events, I understand the work involved.

As always I was there for the food. This is my experience I want to share with you. So here goes:

The Chef team I was matched with, Lyness and Bear did an amazing job on their dish and call me biased if you want, it was my fave.

Chef Clifford Lyness

Before The Kill

Chef Ray Bear

The Dish

Poached Atlantic lobster, Bridge sparkling wine beurre blanc,  Le Coprin mushrooms, sweetbreads with candied fennel, corn flan, water cress sprouts and black olive purée.

The lobster brought by Chef Bear was heavenly, melt-in-your-mouth. It was my first time having sweetbreads, I am still trying to decide if I liked them…I ate them. I loved Chef Lyness’s creamy, little corn flan.

A very close second I would have to say was the dish created by the Langley/Long team. Shiitake poached pickerel, beurre noissette,dressed grains + greens and the magic on the plate, a crispy crème fraiche oyster. Charlotte Langley was the youngest and the only woman there and she rocked!

Charlotte Langley and Brad Long

Some other pictures of the event:

Michael Moffat and Anthony Walsh

Chefs Cloutier and Lepine

Santaguida's Qualicum Beach Scallops searing on a brick of salt

Chef David Rocco

Chefs Aiken and Howell

Beet risotto, crispy pig cheek, seared Qualicum beach scallop and Granny Smith slaw

Chefs Bowen and Rogalski

Chefs Santaguida and Rocco

Chefs Blackie and Lyon

My Guest!

Busy Reception

Do I look forward to a yearly event? Absolutely.

Take some time to read more about the event from these great bloggers:

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Interview: Chef Clifford Lyness, Brookstreet

In preparation for the Canadian Celebrity Chefs Event one of my tasks was to interview the local Chef I am matched with. So, in the cool comfort of Options Bar at Brookstreet Hotel I was lucky enough to have a sit down with Executive Chef Clifford Lyness for one precious hour. Yes, you heard me one hour.

First impressions, warmth and ease. He settled into answering questions easily and talking about food, the restaurant business and his family with him was a pleasure.

So here it is, and to the folks who had questions I took with me, he happily answered some of those too!

Are you looking forward to the Canadian Celebrity Chef’s Event this coming Monday?

Yes, excited about it, really looking forward to it. It’s going to be a fabulous event and we are hoping it is something we can continue and grow in the future.

Have you worked with your teammate Chef Ray Bear (MIX, Halifax) before?

No I haven’t worked with him, we have been communicating, I have heard great things, it’s going to be great.

The Menu from Team Lyness/Bear

Poached Atlantic lobster | Bridge sparkling wine beurre blanc
Le Coprin mushrooms | sweetbreads with candied fennel
corn flan, water cress sprouts | black olive purée

I know that you are a proponent of Slow Food, can you expand a bit on that?

I do believe in Slow Food, sourcing as local as possible to the best of my ability. Preserving traditional and local cuisine is where we have been headed for a while.

What are some of the newer food trends that you are particularly interested in?

Organic. Yes, organic in conjunction with Slow Food. I also like to cure and smoke.

What are some food trends that don’t appeal to you, or that you don’t think are going to stick around?

Trends come and go, but parts of them will stick around. There are pieces of some trends that are really good.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My Grandfather. His Mother taught him to cook. She cooked for one of the British Royal families. He had a real passion for food and cooking and I used to pull a chair right up and work with him. He passed away just as I started my career.

My favourite meal he used to make was pork roast and crackling and Yorkshire pudding. I have the actual pan he made his pudding in.

How has your approach to cooking evolved over the years?

I have found a way to balance what I love with what people want. It’s balance after all these years and being comfortable doing what you want.

A pantry item you can’t live without…

Olive oil

3 herbs and/or spices everyone should have in the cupboard…

Good salt (Maldon), thyme, juniper berries

Good pan or good stove…

Good pan. As long as I have a good pan I can cook on anything. An old cast iron is good, really old.

Is there anything you won’t eat?

Processed food, over-processed food.

Your favourite comfort food/guilty pleasure food?

Braised duck leg on ravioli topped with a fried egg (crispy around the edges) and some goat cheese.

What does your typical Sunday look like?

Sunday is busy, it’s my only day off. I shop. I get up early and I go grocery shopping for my family. Where do you shop? I buy my produce at Farm Boy. I like Farm Boy. Yeah Farm Boy is great store.

In the winter we ski and then I come home and cook Sunday dinner. I will use the crock-pot, do ribs and make sure there are left-overs. My kids love my cooking, even prefer it to going out.

In February Chef Lyness will be introducing his new menu at Brookstreet. I for one can’t wait to see it and look forward to bringing family and friends out to this very beautiful space for some great food.

Check here for your tickets to the NAC event January 24th and get an opportunity to meet this awesome chef and many others, ask them questions and try their fabulous dishes. See you there!

Canadian Celebrity Chefs Event

I have been invited with a number of Ottawa food bloggers to participate in an event being held at the NAC January 24th, 2011. The Canadian Celebrity Chefs Event is sure to be THE food event of the year to attend.

The first of it’s kind in Canada, the event pairs visiting chefs with local host chefs and each pair has a designated blogger to write about them, their dish, and the event. I have been lucky enough to be paired with, Chef Clifford Lyness, Brookstreet and Chef Ray Bear, MIX, Halifax. If you know me, you will know how I am feeling right about now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The day begins with live demos in the NAC studio where each pair will have a half hour to demo their dish and then a Q&A with those attending. In the evening there will be a Food and Wine Tasting Reception in the NAC Main Foyer where attendees will have the opportunity to try each of the dishes. Tickets are $145 each for the event, or you can attend the live demos during the day for $99, or the Food and Wine Tasting Reception for $75. Either way you look at it, it is a fantastic deal to spend the day with these awesome artists!

Invited Chefs – Canada

Anthony Walsh, Canoe, Toronto, ON
David Rocco, Dolce Vita, Toronto, ON
Paul Rogalski, ROUGE, Calgary, Alberta
Brad Long, Café Belong, Toronto, ON
Michael Howell, Tempest Restaurant, Wolfville, NS
Ray Bear, MIX, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Michael Lyon, Hotel Eldorado, Kelowna, BC
Mathieu Cloutier, Kitchen Galerie, Montreal, Quebec

Hosting Chefs – Ottawa

Michael Blackie, National Arts Centre
Clifford Lyness, Brookstreet
Cesare Santaguida, Vittoria Trattoria
Charlotte Langley, The Whalesbone Oyster House
Robyn Bowen, Empire Grill
Marc Lepine, Atelier Restaurant
Michael Moffatt, Beckta Dining and Wine
Norm Aitken, Juniper Dining

The other bloggers involved include, Foodie Prints, Whisk A Food Blog, Rachelle Eats Food, beFOODled, Le Twisted Chef and Simply Fresh. I suggest visiting each and everyone one of them for their own “dish” on the event and because they are pretty fabulous blogs.

There is so much more to come! Become a fan of the Facebook page or follow on Twitter. I will keep you updated on The Lemon Kitchen, Facebook and Twitter as well.

Money raised from the event will go to support the NAC’s National Youth and Education Trust which furthers artistic education, training and mentorship for young Canadians. You can’t beat that!

Don’t forget to get your tickets soon!