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The Lemon Kitchen’s Top 10 for 2011

I am a food blogger. I don’t critique, I talk about food. I talk about food that I like or a great food experience I have had. If I have a bad experience, I don’t share it unless I really feel it neccessary. Why? Because your experience may be different.

I do this for fun, because I enjoy it and fortunately for me it has allowed me many memorable experiences and introduced me to many amazing people.

This year I found many things in this great city of ours that I loved, 10 in particular . I want to share them with you. I suggest if you get an opportunity to try them do so, I can almost guarantee you will love them too.

Top ten favourites this year:

1. Almond Brioche – Art-Is-In Bakery
Heaven in your mouth. That is all.

2. Latte – Raw Sugar
Nadia and her team really can brew a decent cuppa. A close second is T.A.N. Cafe is Sandy Hill.

3. Breakfast Kaiser – Sandy Hill Lounge and Grill
In fact every brunch item at this neighbourhood pub is worth a try. Wendy’s poached are the best.

4. General Blackie’s Chicken – Le Cafe
Just the right amount of sweet and spicy yumminess.

5. Pistachio Gelato – Stella Luna
Smooth and luscious. I want more always.

6. Shrimp Pad Thai – So Good
Finally found something comparable to Karma’s. It only took 4

7. Potato Latkes – Rideau Bakery
Greasy deliciousness. They need to make them at Rideau on Saturdays. Sweet potato latkes rock during holiday season. You can eat these cold or take them home and re-heat.

8. Veggie Burger – Hintonburger
Falafel patty on a bun. Genius.

9. Meatballs in Aurora Sauce – Parma Ravioli
Perfect meatballs in the best tomato sauce ever. Buy an extra sauce.

10. Bianco Pizza – Tennessy Willems
Pear and gorgonzola on a pizza. Nuff’ said.

Honourable mentions: michaelsdolce jam and Happy Goat Coffee