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Sugar-Free Me

I thought I had made it through my first week sugar-free when I remembered that last night at an awards dinner I had dessert. I ate it without thinking, someone plopped it down in front of me and for a fleeting moment I saw the calories in it, not one thought however about the sugar. So feeling a little tired today, I am blaming it on the sweet treat. Back on track today, I have banished all sweets except, maple syrup, honey and some brown sugar for baking from our house.

I just read a piece from Goop about ridding yourself of sugar addiction and a lot of the information has helped me, in particular grabbing a piece of fruit or taking a walk (removing myself from the situation).

Today is the first day I haven’t craved, even with my indiscretion of last night. I actually realized for the first time I enjoyed the taste of my coffee this morning just with milk.

I realize being a foodie and writing about food might make this a bit more of a challenge. I also know because I have actually said it here, out loud, I will do it.

I will let you know how it goes.