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Comfort Weekend

There is nothing like your mom showing up from out-of-town with a pot of her spaghetti sauce. Something about unplanned fall weekends, and longing for something familiar that make this a good thing. So, set in motion a weekend full of comfort food and good things that I will show you mostly through pictures.

Friday night was pasta night, with a few good bottles of wine, we planned out what we wanted to do for the rest of the weekend. Saturday morning we went to see the beautiful artwork of Prea Zwarych at the Sandy Hill Garage Sale. Prea is a 4th year Ottawa U student who has brought her lovely work to our neighbourhood.

Later for lunch we met at the Prescott for the famous meatball sandwich, and then I headed home to make a Shepherd’s Pie for a Saturday night dinner on my daughter’s front porch (which also included more wine and a great lemon curd dessert).

Sunday was a lazy stick around kind of day (we did manage sushi lunch, yes I consider miso soup comfort food) and later that night homemade pizza on the grill.

I want more comfort weekends….

Day 4 (recipe 4) Shepherd’s Pie

Still feeling the effects of an over indulgent weekend, we were longing for some comfort food, and a slow easy day. After the dogs went to the park, we got a bit of work done around the house, enjoyed the sun, pulled some weeds out of the front garden and I looked for a recipe.

Shepherd’s Pie, its been ages. The recipe came out of the Bon Appetit/Epicurious archives and it was just what we were looking for. It reminded me of Mom’s kitchen, we opened a bottle of wine and sat in the livingroom on our big comfy couch.


A lovely end to a great long weekend. I must say, I am feeling pretty good, normally pressing a shirt for work, or making lunches at this time, I am looking forward to this vacation.

Keep posted, we are doing gourmet camping food during a trip in two weeks to New York State (of course I will post after the holiday).

Until tomorrow and recipe 5.