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A Visit to The Lemon

I like my kitchen. It’s small and in drastic need of a makeover, but its a sweet little place. The sun flows in first thing in the morning and makes it the brightest spot to start the day, and it leads to an awesome deck we use as an extension of the kitchen all summer.

I’m going to be doing some kitchen tour posts, and I thought I’d start with mine, and although it is not my dream kitchen, there are things that make me smile about it and make me want to be there.


The Lemon Kitchen’s 2010 Top 10

It has been quite a year at The Lemon Kitchen. Lots of fun and the opportunity to participate in some amazing events!

My top 10 of 2010 are as follows:

1. Michael Smith’s Seafood Chowder at Grill Forty One

2. Buttermilk pie at Sandy Hill Lounge and Grill

3. Cod Fish Fritters at The Giggling Jerks

4. FoodiePrints Blog

5. Auntie Loo’s

6. After the Harvest Blog

7. The veggie burger at Hintonburger

8. Happy Goat Coffee

9. Main Farmer’s Market

10. Siren Bakery Granola

My Favourite Things

I was thinking today about my favourite food items that, if I could never have again would be really unfortunate. Here are my top 5-

1. Moss Jams – Moss Jams out of Stratford Ontario. I was first introduced to these jams by Lisa Dixon at Black Honey in Peterborough. My favourite is the Rhubarb/Ginger.

2. Cocoa Camino Chocolate by La Siembra Co-Operative – the chocolate I love-my favourite Dark, Chili Spice, a mix of dark chocolate, chilis, cinnamon and ginger reminds me of Mexico. **I was lucky enough to be part of the group that tested their new flavours

3. Harmony Organic Milk 2% in the old fashioned glass bottle

4. Artichokes (nuff said)

5. Cumin (what in the world would I ever do?)

Now I know I could live without these things, but the world is just a much better place with them in it.

If you care to share your top five food items in the comment section and you are one of the first ten to respond-I will send you a Cocoa Camino Milk Chocolate Bar

Lemon Up

LemonsWorking on some changes with the blog. The name change to the lemon kitchen is reflective of one of my favourite things, lemon and is also the colour of the kitchen in my home. With some assistance I will be working on the whole look of it and it will be a work in progress.

I will also be focussing more on recipes (the good, the bad and the ugly), just the occasional restaurant visit and perhaps promoting a few products I love and trust.

****Word out on one of my favourite blogs-David Lebovitz. If you haven’t read his blog yet, you should, he is a refreshing escape from the everyday. David’s experiences in Paris and his recipes are a pure delight. You can find him at www.davidlebovitz.com